If you’re anything like our team here at DroneCLT, you’re always striving to get the absolute best looking photos/videos out of your drone. Today we’re going to share with you a couple of helpful tips and tricks we use to do just that:

Tip #1. Adjust your camera settings.

With almost all cameras out there, you’ll always want to check and adjust your camera settings prior to a shoot. Drone cameras are no different. To capture the best photos/videos possible with your drone you’ll always want to make sure to adjust your camera settings prior to capturing media. Checkout this awesome YouTube video below by The Art of Photography who shares some great tips on how to adjust your camera settings for the DJI Phantom. His tips can be applied to almost any kind of drone you may be flying with a camera:

A couple of key take-aways here are:

  • Make sure your image/video format is RAW whenever possible
  • Use a custom white balance so your footage stays consistent
  • Make sure you are shooting at the best quality possible
  • Shoot in D-Log mode when possible to enable better color-grading

Tip #2. Purchase some lens filters.

Lens filters are a key component to capturing great looking photos with your drone. They can cut down on the amount of light your lens lets in as well as reduce glare which helps significantly when shooting on those bright sunny days. PolorPro makes some fantastic lens filters which we recommend and use on a daily basis. Checkout this video below by Drone Nerds to see a comparison:

Tip #3. Make your best shots even better.

Drones take great photos out of the box, especially if you follow the 2 tips outlined above. BUT to get the absolute best photos possible you’ll want to do some quick post-production work on your photos/videos to take them to the next level. Whether its color-grading for videos or editing a photo in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom for videos. Checkout the video below by Design Panoply to learn how to quickly make a photo pop in Adobe Lightroom:

Tip: If you’re not looking to get too technical and just want an easy way to edit photos via Adobe Lightroom there are plenty of free presets available online that can easily make your photos look awesome. Take a look at these amazing free Adobe Lightroom presets from SleekLens.

If you have any tips/tricks of your own please feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear about what you are doing!

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